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Breathwork is a whole-being therapeutic process that relieves mental, physical and emotional tension. Guiding stagnant energy out of the body, breathwork helps reframe the nervous system’s response to trauma trapped inside. It is healing, transformative and rejuvenating.  Conscious breathwork can relax your mind and lead to to a more connected state with your emotions and your spirit and help you achieve a more present state of being.

We Provide Guided Breathwork with a Certified Facilitator

Our Breathwork Facilitator studied under Zach Rehder and Garpreet Gill who have been teaching this healing method for a total of over 30 years. She was certified in Sedona Arizona at the Creative Life Center with Zach and Garpreet and continues education with them working to further develop her healing gifts and provide the best quality of support to our clients.

Breathwork Sessions

Cost: $150/Individual Session
Group Pricing: Depends on location and number of clients

In-Person is preferred for more effective service but zoom sessions are available.

Please contact us for more details. We  would love to help you on this journey with breath.

Benefits of Breathwork

Conscious Breathwork benefits your body, mind and spirit. Breathwork creates a feeling of calm, lowering your blood pressure, relaxing your muscles and increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches your body’s cells and organs. Breathing helps calm the emotional turbulence in your mind and can help treat depression, anxiety and PTSD. By helping you reach a deeper state of mind, you gain access to buried emotions and traumas. Breathwork helps you release yourself from their influence to calm and focus your mind. When you practice Breathwork, you move beyond your body and mind to connect to your inner being.

“When the breath is unsteady, all is unsteady;
when the breath is still; all is still.”

— Goraksasathakam

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