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Individual Sessions  & Private Groups Available
Pricing: Depends on location and number of clients 

“I have found breathwork with Taralee life changing.  It has brought me understanding, peace, and creative inspiration.  I have never felt more aligned with myself.  I’m amazed at the results and have found greater light in my life.  Taralee’s empathy and patience as a guide enabled me to feel comfortable the entire time.  I highly recommend breathwork with her.” – Jason

Conscious Breathwork can connect you with your spirit and inner truth and essence. It can assist you to have breakthroughs and insight to help release trauma.  It can give you a new spiritual perspective and lens in which to see your past and present.  When you practice Breathwork, you move beyond your body and mind to connect to your inner being. Breathing helps calm the emotional turbulence in your mind and can assist you to  reach a deeper state of mind, you gain access to buried emotions and traumas. Breathwork helps you release yourself from their influence to calm your overall self to be able to live with peace, hope, and inspiration in this world. The impact of Conscious Breathwork is substantial and can help you gain a new perspective in your life.

About Taralee Trammell: I started my journey with breath in 2009 when teaching yoga and meditation at a hospital for those with mental and substance abuse issues.  It had such profound effects on me and clients calming the nervous system in hospitals and treatment centers it was amazing.  I found conscious breathwork in 2019 and had such a beautiful breakthrough that a year later 2020 decided to get certified and have been teaching since then.I have taught this to private clients, small and large groups, retreats, community classes,  treatment centers, and online and love sharing this modality of healing to others. I love offering this gift to clients and to teach to other healers as a way to access peace, enlightenment, healing, empowerment, and love.

In-Person is preferred for more effective service but zoom sessions are available.

Please contact us for more details. We  would love to help you on this journey with breath.


“When the breath is unsteady, all is unsteady;
when the breath is still; all is still.”

— Goraksasathakam

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