Conscious Breathwork Training

Learn the Art and Gift of Teaching Breathwork

with Taralee Trammell


This is an opportunity to learn the art and gift of teaching conscious breathwork to others.  This type of breath work practice can lead to breakthroughs, healing of generational patterns, moving and healing trauma, inspiration and insight, changing and a glimpse to the other side. We will teach the basic framework and do the breath work also. We will have open discussion and give you tools to create a safe and healing environment for others.We will learn how to integrate this into what you already do if you are a healer, therapist, or someone who just wants to share this with others. We will have ongoing communication after the class and guidance from me anytime after also.

“I have found breathwork with Taralee life changing.  It has brought me understanding, peace, and creative inspirationg.  I have never felt more aligned with myself.  I’m amazed at the results and have found greather light in my life.  Taralee’s empathy and patience as a guide enabled me to feel comfortable the entire time.  I highly recommend breathwork with her.

“Taralee practices conscious connected breathwork, a more gentle and natural method. Learning from her was great, she was accommodating, patient and focused on the connection to source as one of the most important parts of the practice.”


Thur. February 8th (6-9pm), Sat. February 10th (9am-1pm) lunch included!

Follow up sessions 2x a month on the phone and 2 free classes offered also to my events.


Sandy, Utah

COST $1200

Contact us at 801.633.2953 (Call/Text) to reserve your spot.
Limited space in class, reserve today.

Payment Methods: Venmo: @Taralee-Trammell, Check, or Request Payment Online.

About Taralee Trammell

CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapist)

Yoga and Breathwork Instructor. Business owner of A Balanced Life for 10 years.

I started my journey with breath in 2009 when teaching yoga and meditation at a hospital for those with mental and substance abuse issues.  It had such profound effects on me and clients calming the nervous system in hospitals and treatment centers it was amazing.  I found conscious breathwork in 2019 and had such a beautiful breakthrough that a year later 2020 decided to get certified and have been teaching since then.I have taught this to private clients, small and large groups, retreats, community classes, treatment centers, and online and love sharing this modality of healing to others. I love offering this gift to clients and to teach to other healers as a way to access peace, enlightenment, healing, empowerment, and love.

I have worked in social work for 28 years with senior citizens, teens, and adults. I have been teaching and leading healing modalities in treatment centers, hospitals, community settings for 18 years with various types of recreation, yoga, meditation, and breath. My years of learning how to create a healing space for others is what brings me so much joy and excitement to offer this to you!  I have had and shared profound breakthroughs with breathwork and know this could be taught to others who love to help mankind! If you would like to join us in learning more and helping others expand in their spirituality this is for you!


“You really have a passion for teaching breath-work, which came across with you sharing the learnings and experiences we can expect as teachers and students of breath-work!” 

“With the training you provided I enjoyed the organization you put into it. I like that you had the structure written out in the handouts, and that we went through it throughly. I’m glad we concluded each session with breath-work too, think that’s a huge component to the training!”

“When the breath is unsteady, all is unsteady;
when the breath is still; all is still.”

— Goraksasathakam

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